This is Totonika Nova's website. She was a very happy and loved hamster and here are some of her adventures. Please leave her a message on the guestbook!

Totonika Nova: the cutest hamster ever, a little life so big


In memory of TOTONIKA NOVA that passed away last 5th September 2011. This is a home video with footage of her life, she was so cute, so smart and so special. The music is Totonika´s theme (she made it herself!), and a special piano version by Hector Corcin (daddy) and finally a special mix of her song  "Totonika Nova" included in the album The Underliving by Priscilla Hernandez (mummy)
Download Totonika Nova by Priscilla Hernandez:
audio/mpeg iconpriscilla_hernandez_-_the_underliving_-_16_-_totonika_nova.mp3
Download piano song by Hector Corcin: Totonika Nova (piano)
One year has passed, we have now two little critters, our rats Ritva and Tuula we call them  "fufunchis" in your honor, we always remember how you used to say "fuuu fuuu" and you were indeed the first fufunchi. Though we love them dearly we also must say  every single day we all family worship your memory, and also Kira´s. You were so beautiful and brought joy and smiles to our lives. We miss you Toto!

"Totonika Nova"

Are you here still dwelling
in the heart´s abode?
deeply embedded
in the soul
And the delightful
time we shared
left a resilient imprint
held so dear
just as the sound of little feet
can fill the hollow
when it´s all still
Such energy
words cannot convey
those moments we cherish
not to forget
a small and tiny thing is not devoid of meaning something really  big
You have broken
all your earthly bounds
to become the brightest star
Will you be our compass when
we´re lost within the dark?
the golden warmth that shone
through your sweet smile
A lantern that can light
the blackest night
Totonika´s smile
Listen to it: 

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Totonika Nova

Totonika Nova, greatest and brightest star


Totonika Nova (January 2010 - September 5th 2011)

Mum and Dad will miss you forever. Though we know we will treasure your memory in our souls. Totonika Nova, you are the brightest star and will remain shining forever  to kindle our souls. Thank you for every smile you have gifted to us everyday, for the bliss of your joyful presence. Now we are sad and miss you terribly but we know that  very soon we will remember you grateful and happy to have met you in our passing through this Universe. Now you are super Toto! Now you can fly, and we know that where you lay now you can gaze the stars. But somehow, you are our little pocket endorphin. Yous sister "KIRA" will take care of you and will teach you how to reach us, always.

We LOVE you

You left us shining like always, as the greatest Super Nova you always were.


A new supernova, SN 2011fe, has been reported on Aug 24, 2011, in M101 the famous "Pinwheel" galaxy in Ursa Major


Totonika is not so well now

On August 23th Totonika had a strong attack. Since then she has been losing weight and is very weak. She was starting to recover. But since yesterday Toto is having a strong diarrhea and she only wants to sleep. She started bleeding too... We clean her and give her to drink and eat.. but she is having quite a bad time.



Thank you Yishana for this healing letter to Totonika!

I read it to Totonika and she was really happy to see your drawing of her. She´s feeling better,  the leg is better and she just drank for herself the first time today: Thank you everyone for the healing wishes, Totonika is a fighter and we hope she gets over this. Today she´s even sort of playful even being weak.

Totonika Nova hamster healing letter


Totoni, do not give up! The Evil club (Yishana´s blog) send you lots of strength and energy!

Gather lots of strength so you can be operated and recover soon, and thus be so happy and adorable as you are always.

And to Mum and Dad a Kiss and a big hug to each one of you and chin up!

Totonika Nova the cutest hamster ever

I'm at home again

Hello... I'm Toto and I'm at home with Mum and Dad again... I had another respiratory arrest. Today I can breath much better and so I can go home and keep taking the medication. I have struggle ahead but now I am here... still very weak, but enjoying this bonus time with my family. My right hand hurts.. and I can't walk normally. I need to sleep and rest. I feel good now at home and I know I have to eat but I can't eat yet.

Thank  you very much for all your comments and positive wishes ! You are all the best ! They really help us.

Best regards. I hope to keep making videos of my adventures!

Life is beautiful. Live every day.



Toto is at the hospital

I'm sorry. This is bad news. Totonika is at the hospital now... She can't breath very well. She is under oxygen and observation and taking some medicines...Right now she is not stable enough to be back at home again... :( I hope she recovers well very soon. She is a fighter.

She does not want to die yet because we were going to see the mountains and the stars because I wanted to show her how big is the universe. So she will recover in some days.



Mission: climb difficult fabrics

See video

Totonika found a smart way of climbing the fabrics... after a few tries. ;)

Poor plant... we need to take care of her better.


Totonika's first ever moonwalk

See video

Hello friends ! I'm a fan of Michael Jackson now and this is my first ever moonwalk...Tribute to him. 2 years after his death. And still inspiring all hamsters around the world. ;) I hope you like it :·) I may start learning to dance more! It's so fun !

^( \ . / )^




Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

See video

my first version of Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

My mum.. told me.. you have to eat a lot to grow strong and be a very pretty girl :·)


Where is my wonderful groom?

I have the bridal gown.. I'm ready... now I only need a wonderful groom. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :·)

Please contact me if you want to have wonderful beautiful little totonikas :)

hamster bride

hamster bride

hamster bride

hamster bride

I'll keep on dreaming...  someeedayyyyyyyy my princee will comeeee...


Photo session with flowers and wig

Some more pictures for my portfolio ;)



Totonika in "Off the Lane"

Hello friends! This is a picture to promote my mum's new videoclip and song :) Off the Lane. You can watch it here

the photo session was so fun ! I love it. You know... I was the main actress of the videoclip but mum was jealous and finally decided to appear herself instead... haha. 

I wish her luck on her new album, but I think I am going to release my own album and sell millions so I can buy some nuts ;·)

Totonika Off the lane

Totonika stealing my tomato

ok... I was having dinner and Totonika came and found the tomato so irresistible.. But instead of eating it.. she decided it was too precious and brought it to her secret location inside the sofa. haha

Here is the sequence:

ñaaaaaaañaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! it is so delicious!!!!!

sorry she was so fast I coudln't focus

I know where are you going Totoni.... look behind you! There is your cage! Do you remember it?

Forget it... I know you won't go there.. and you will go to your palace inside the sofa... :D

Enjoy the tomato!




Totonika and the lentils row

See video

Totonika loves lentils... The reward at the end of the row.. was very tempting.. :)


See video

Totonika cleaning herself... every day. :)

Why I didn't put this video before? I forgot ! LOL

But more videos will come soon.. My computer is full of totonika videos lol


Another gift !

I keep receiving gifts to my POBOX ! It's wonderful!

What is this? Is it a flute?

My mum plays some similar flutes :)

No.. I think it does not sound.... I think I will just eat it :) It seems tasty :-D

ñaaaaaaaañaaaaaaaaaaaaa  :)


I have composed this short piano piece :) It's my first song I do alone without help.

This will be my first track of my upcoming album "Totonika Nova". I hope others like me, enjoy this music made for hamsters by a hamster :)

It is It is entitled Drops
Download mp3: Totonika_-_drops.mp3

I hope you enjoy it.

Photo by Álvaro Corcín

Listen to it: 

You may need: Adobe Flash Player.

Sleeping bag

I've been gifted this wonderful Sleeping bag. What a surprise in my mail box ! Thank you Morgaine !

It is really amazing and I am going to use it everyday :) Until I destroy it!.. or.. mmm maybe not.. maybe I don't destroy it because it is so beautiful and it has my name on it and a heart !! I will destroy some other mummy's dress or something.... :) :) :)



Photo session to promote my Mum's CD

Buy my mummy's CD !!! It's amazing!  :) I did this photo session to promote the CD. I love to pose in front of the camera :)

oh my... there are ghosts and... wow..

and fairies too !


The album is so much fun !  don't you have it already ?


I'm also getting ready for The Underliving misterious mood :)

how it ended

The toilet paper project did not end up so well in terms of functionality, but artistically it is a success. My mum is going to use the borders for the artwork of her next album she says. I'm so happy :)

At the park again

See video

Exploring more the immense world out there :)


I love Spaghetti


hamster eating Spaghetti hamster eating Spaghetti hamster eating Spaghetti
hamster eating Spaghetti hamster eating Spaghetti hamster eating Spaghetti

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom


Totonika inside the couch

See video

Well... We had to know what she was doing inside the couch. So we managed to spy her though the first hole she made from the top and this is the result. But we are not yet sure of what is she doing. We managed to see some of the secret toilet paper project and we have found some signs of food reserves. Still a mystery top secret project :D

a package from across oceans !

omg omg omg !

I did not have time to comb my hair.. because I was sleeping but I needed to see this... A package arriving home! and it is from all across the oceans !! Much far away than I could see the other day at the beach...

and there is something for me inside !!!!!!!!!!


a lot of wood sticks !!!! yay ! Thank you !!!!!!!!!


Hamster Secret Toilet Paper Project

See video

I am on a very important mission. It is top secret for now. I'll keep you updated from my new operations base. .