Nikki <3:


Carson :

Thank you so much for being in my life I know you have been gone for a while but I will never forget you rip Toto you were amazing


In loving memory of Totonika & Hammy. <3


Totonika is a beautiful hamster and he is still bringing happiness as I browse this website. May his soul always be with his beloved family.


I only just found your site I bet that you were an amazing hamster and I hope your having fun up there you have brought me a lot of joy for just the little bit I have known about you



thank you for making us smile toto <3 here is pizza (my ham)


we miss you toto ???? thanks for making us smile


I feel bad for your Totonika Hamster. Your hamster was so cute. Sorry for the death of your Hamster, but your not the only one. My hamster kinda had the same thing.


Hi Totonika! I just found out about you and I hope you are doing great up there with amazing food and toys <3


I will miss you forever don’t worry your safe in heaven us fans can’t wait to visit you in heaven you were such a kindhearted hamster you were so cute you gave us so many memories made us feel better and have a better day


I just found your site, but I already miss you, Totonika!


2019 throwback. This is amazing. Thank you.


You were a great hammy. Take care up in the big hamster playpen up there.

Alfonso García:

I love her she is sooooooo cute. I could eat her whole. Please upload more videos of your other rats. I was so sad to hear Totonika passed away. My deepest condolences. Luv u Priscilla you are such an inspiration

Lyndsey Evans:

AWE ITS SOOOO CUTE! Your hamster is adorable.

Mary Grace:

I found this website by chance but I just wanted to say as a fellow hamster lover that I'm glad I did, Totonika seems like she was a really special and lovely little girl and I'm glad the site is still up so everyone can know about her. She looks a lot like my hamster Oatmeal, who was also wonderful!


i love you totonika!!! you're the light of my life, you make me so happy, never change my love


Hola Priscilla, hemos visto el video de Totonika. que simpática!! Estamos seguros de que fue super- feliz...


I found this through Priscllla Hernandez's video "No Matter What They Say" and awwwww, Totonika was such a cutie! I'm glad she has this memorial to her.


Jake, Kayleigh, Tina, April, and Lily!:

Our hams, Tina, April, and Lily, think your little Toto was a sweet and cute fuzzy baby! We all loved the photos and videos. Kayleigh and I were very happy you took such good care of her.

Much Love,
Jake and Kayleigh


That's cute :3
He had an incredible life :-)


I use to have a 2 hamsters but 1 of them died from a hart attack that one was named honey pot the other 1 died
from running away his name was skunky 1 time he ran iside of our dryer but my sister sadia got him out but my dad
will get me my 3d one on my birthday


RIP Toto. We love you


night runner:

your hamster looks exactly like my hamster! btw she's cute :3


lorenita Mou:

Ha sido un ser tan feliz en su vida y tan afortunado, me ha sacado una lágrima y muchas sonrisas verla. Gracias por compartir.


Totonika you're the sweetest one! Rest in Peace in the Heart of the ones who loved you, and still love you <3


Daniel de Culla:

Lovely to meet You. It's a delight.
Hei¡ I adore Priscilla and her Music.
Kisses and Blessed Be¡


You have to be the sweetest thing I've ever seen. You were so lucky to have the best Mum & Dad in the world!



Hi!I Know how you feel about Kira Bcos i have a dog and hers name is Chiquita and she is like my best friend and my child and a family member for me.Even thowe i have a kid but he is 18y and i spend moast of the days with my Chiquita even talk to her as a human.And i guess i will be devastated the day she is gone.but still i have her she's on the pic here..Anyway just wanted you to know that i feel for you for your lost..

komal Sharma:

Totonika u r d cutest hamster i hv evr seen i vil olwys MISS U nd LUV U coz u r SOOOOOO SWEET especially ur sweet nd cute eyes. LUV U TOTONIKA NOVA


Hi Totonika I have two Syrian hamster for my birthday and I saw your video on YouTube it was so funny and sweet .My male Syrian hamster just looked exactly like you .You have gone through so many adventures and a big life .Your photo shoots are very pretty I am truly sorry on what you had gone through you look so cute I will subscribe to your channel in YouTube .Be Free little Totonika Rest in peace my pen friend


Hi Tontonika,

I thought my Hank was the only one who went through having a heart attack the way you did. I felt so alone and did not know what was going on. I took him to the vet but she could not give me a good answer. My Hank just passed a half hour ago and I feel so sad. The, I found your page and I saw how you went through the same things. It made me feel better and not so alone. I am happy you were so loved and taken care of, the same way I take care of my Hank.

Thank you.

Morgen Rose:

Hello's been a while but I have had you in my thoughts...did you know I got to sing your song with your mum at the FaerieCon? I got to play harp too and I cried a little but not too much! Geez what is it you hamsters do to us humans? Heeeheee we just love you so little hammy friend Chuck Black passed into your world a few months ago now...I miss him so much but I know his spirit lives on...and now we have but one teeny hammie left in our lives...his name is Poof and he's 2 and a half so I'm bracing myself for when he gets to be an old man hamster and has to go back to the stars like you....will you meet him there when it's his time and teach him about his new life? I love you Toto! Thanks for being in our hearts so we can still feel the golden warmth of your sweet smile....
your friend forever,


Toto.. Ive been thinking about you a lot these last days.. I hope, that you are well up there over the rainbow. Give Mowgli a kiss and show her around. She will need a friend. I hope, that all the pain you ever felt has gone now and that you share a very happy life with all your new friends. Im sure youre having loads of fun. We miss you down here in our world! Love


Hello Totonika,
Its months after your passing and I found this wonderful page last night. Your life was truly wonderful and amazing for a hamster. Not many hamsters can say they've gone to the beach...hehe :) Hope you're having a great time in heaven. I have a hamster of my own and I can't wait to spend more time with her after this college semester. I would love to take her out and see what's out there and enjoy the view of nature. I'm sure my Cupcake would love it.


Hallo Totoni,I've just seen your page and I am so sad to see you are no longer with us. I too lost my hamster Cappucino.It has been many years,But I still miss her very much. Maybe you and her can shine brightly in the Cosmos for us,your moms. :) Shine on!



Dear Totonika, you have touched many hearts around the world, and not many hamsters have the opportunity to do that. Your bright soul will be missed, and may you journey safe with Kira. Thank you for sharing your life with Priscilla and Hector, and giving joy to many more of us as well. I'm sending a gentle spirit to fly with you.


Sweet Totonika - You made such a huge mark in this world and made so many people smile, laugh, cry and just show human emotions. I thank you for that! You're truly a shining STAR.....Watch over mum and dad and please shine some of your light over those animals less fortunate to have found such a great family to be part of here on earth.....bless you toto, kira is calling <3


goodbye cutest hamster ever!
i'll miss you and your lovely and funny stories. i know you're in heaven now, playing with the stars and your sister kira. take care about your mummy and daddy here on earth. they are so lovely people and i am sure they'll keep the memories of you alive in their hearts.
one last hug, yours morgaine


P Rees:

Totonika - Melissa told my staff about you. I'm a bunny and I passed over the Rainbow Bridge last year after 14 wonderful years but my human staff had hamsters for years before she had me and she loved the three of them (she only had one at a time) VERY much. I know she will be praying for you and sending you the very best karma. My friends and I over here will be sending our love too. My best friend, Mia, was terribly sick (none of her vets thought she would recover) when she was six but she kept fighting to get well and our staff helped her a lot every day. She got better and we were happy together for six more years after that. Miracles happen! - Love and Bunny Snuggles from Moesha

mahlora christensen:

Sending you the sweetest Love and softest hugs ever. You are a most beautiful Being)O(

Alvaro Corcín:

Toto! ay que susto! me acabo de enterar! :( espero que te mejores mucho! un beso! :/


He Toto, long time no news from you! How are you doing? Enjoying summer? Tell your mum to take some breaks from work and that she mustnt forget to eat and sleep, ok?
And you enjoy your free time and your flat and take good care!
Love you!
PS: Im a robot! :)


Louisa John-Krol:

Hi Totonika,

Your magic is magnificently and naughtily expressed in every little trick. Good on you for promoting your Mum's music as well! She is keeping you warm with her sound, as well as in colourful rugs. Keep having fun, you cute little spag-nibbling wriggler. xxx



Sorry to spam your guestbook, but I was inspired by your blog and made a blog of my own!
Are you a redditor by any chance? I saw your blog on Reddit.



Hi Totonika!

I am Monty and I live in Greece. I just found out your blog and had fun reading it. I will also let my girlfriend Maza know about it so she can read it. Maza gave birth to our 12 offsprings recently. I even made a family tree. They grew up so fast, and now each of them found a new home. They sent us pictures regularly.

This is our family tree.

And this is our youtube channel. Isn't Maza lovely? She doesn't have my long fur, but she is white! And a bit chubby! -->

Tadeus and Franziska:

:* we love you!


Hi, Toto! I just wanted to say just how big of a smile you put on my face, and I hope you enjoyed the tomato as much as it looks like you did! I have two hamsters of my own: Jimmy (sadly an old man now, and rather slow), and Alice (who is only a baby still at 8 weeks old). They both say hello to you! :D


Hi Toto,
today its only me, Tadeus. My brother and best friend Justus is missed. I think he read your blog too much and decided to go to the beach, too. I hope he found it and he is happy there. If you ever meet him, will you please give him a big hamster-hug from me and Mum? Mum is really crazy now. She thinks that she can miss him less, when she just feeds and cuddles me like crazy... Help!
Thank you,



Hello Totonika:
My name is Ninja, I am from Canada. My Mom rescued me too! I was ill, and now I have a good life- just like you. You are so lucky you got to go to the beach and get lots of presents from all over the world! I look like you, except I am black and white- a "panda" hamster. My favourite foods are pea shoots and broccoli. I also love running around the couch!
Bye Bye


hi toto!
thanks for the lovely pix with your sleeping bag!!!they are sooooooooo cute!!! i hope you enjoy it!
hugs, morgaine from "bags of avalon"


Hey, I'm gonna raise a hamster family in my backyard. I'm going to make a concrete pit and fill it with dirt and plant little plants for the hamster town.

Ana (::

Hellooo totonika and prissss!
I love you both very much <3
Totonika tell your mum I cannot wait too see her(:
Muchh love! ;*********


Tadeus and Justus:

Hej Toto,
Long time no news. Whats goin on over there?
Hamster greetings and hugs
T & J


hi toto its your mums good frend fenn over in oregon sainding you love and happy thouts (sorry about the spelling)


I think you are really cute, and you look like my rat, Ginger.


You are adorable, and clearly very talented. I lost my little guy, Rocket, last month, so watching your videos cheer me up! Happy Holidays, little guy.



Dear Totonika,
You are such an adorable little hamster! I had a hamster that looked just like you but she had a golden color with the same white in the middle (she died from wet tail after two and a half years of being pampered). I'm glad that you live a happy life and may you live as long as you possibly can!


Hi Totonika, wow what wondewrful wings you have and how well they suit you, I hope they take you to all your dreams and fantasies. Wishing you bright blessings from rainy England.x.


Tadeus and Justus:

We have a rainbow flag, too! Coincidence? :)) Greetings from cold Germany, Justus and Tadeus

Aunt Maite:

You have a RAINBOW blanket???? WOWWWWWW a RAINBOW blanket all over your bed!!! X'))) WOWWWW



Hello Totoni,
As i cant write yet I have to ask Franziska for help. She is writing for me now but I am the one greeting :) Maybe your Mum and Dad already told you that I became your fan cause Franziska always told me about you. I love your videos and pictures and all the stories and your music!! I love to watch your video 10 or 20 times in a row.
On the pic you can see me and Tadeus, my hamsterfriend. We both are sending lots of greetings and we love you! Kisses

Spring, Eli and FaeLynne Goodwater:

You are such a precious and adorable little hamster! We love you! :)


Hi Totonika,

I've heard some great stories about you so I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I'm looking forward for your next adventures :)
Unos abrazos desde Worms, Alemania

Steve Andrews aka Bard of Ely:

Hello Totonika! :) I am a friend of your mum and dad so that's how I know about you. Now I can enjoy following your adventures here!


Pero q bonita es *^* me encanta como corretea y se mueve


Toto little nasty girl, this is franziska. you know i love you but please stop worrying mum and dad, oki? :) See you soon

Bunny Teva:

I see you are working on taking over the world. I too have a similar aim in life and wonder if perhaps we may benefit by joining forces. Our combined cuteness would surely overwhelm these weak and hapless humans and we could... well... do stuff. If we gather enough of our equally adorable and furry friends we could begin a new world order of fuzzy awesomeness the likes of which has never been known to mankind!!! Mwuhahaha.... eh, I can't really laugh because I don't have lips that easily make that haha sound. Anyway, what do you say? Let's take over the world!!!


Hei Toto!

Such a cute little fellow you are ;) looking forward to reading about your future adventures :D
be nice to your mommy :D

cheers from far far away ;)


Totoni !!! Yes is true, you are the cutest ever. We are your fans already ;-))


Dear Totonika, its nice to meet you, you are really the cutest hamster i have ever seen, and i love it, when you parents tell from your adventures;-) I hope i canhear a lot from you in the future, and i whish you all the best. You are determined the only hamster, with such a great live and you can be very happy to have parents like you have;-) Lots of greetings from your friend Melli and her dog Cindy;-)

Heather Vogel Durrow:

I LOVE waiting for new pics and seeing new diary entrys. Love the pendant :)Stay safe Totonika!

Aunt Maite:

Huaahahah X'DD
Hey Toto, this is aunt Maite, I live a bit far away, I hope to see you soon hehehe So cute!! :D


You are my little gift, my little sweet furry cute hammie!! you're the cleverest, cutest, most awesome little creature! Mummy loves you!


You are the cutest smartest hamster I have ever known, Totoni. Thank you for making me smile everyday :)