Totonika inside the couch

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Well... We had to know what she was doing inside the couch. So we managed to spy her though the first hole she made from the top and this is the result. But we are not yet sure of what is she doing. We managed to see some of the secret toilet paper project and we have found some signs of food reserves. Still a mystery top secret project :D


Totoni ademas de ser bonita y

Totoni ademas de ser bonita y lista eres muy muy trabajadora ;-))))

My Hamster (we had one the

My Hamster (we had one the 80's) always put long spaghettis in his mouth... HE was a cute guy..
Yours is also cute..

*Chuckles* It won't be long

*Chuckles* It won't be long before you have no couch left!!

You´re quite right, there's

You´re quite right, there's not much couch left LOL