Totonika the fairy

Fairy hamster with wings

Mum made me super cool wings. Do you like them?

click the following little pics to see them bigger. I love my new wings...:)

That is all for today my friends! I love you all !



Hey Toto, your wings are

Hey Toto, your wings are really beautiful and amazing. I like them very much:) Enjoy your evening, greetings from Germany, Melli and Cindy:)

Thank you! I hope one day to

Thank you! I hope one day to see Germany because I see many friends visiting me from there... I think it is so far away from my room that I need like months to reach that land. But I still need to finish the hole in the plant pot. Maybe it is shorter that way! :D

Yes Toto, unfortunatelly it

Yes Toto, unfortunatelly it is too far away;-) Cindy would be very happy to see you, because she loves small animals. Cindy hopes,too, to visit Spain again, because she was there once a few years ago,and she loved this country. But now she is too old i think, and to drive with the car, would take too long, too. Good night Toto, and i´m looking forward to hear from you again;-))))

Dear Toto, I have a little

Dear Toto, I have a little friend who wants to meet you!

He is awesome! I want to meet

He is awesome! I want to meet him too! :)

Must be a very demanding

Must be a very demanding occupation, this whole fairy thing.....right?

Hello, I've been scurrying

I've been scurrying through the internet, looking for ever more hamster photos for my collection, when I found your site! cute.
I occasionally change my hamster avatar on my twitter page, and I thought I'd like to use one of yours. Asking in advance is always a good policy, so I just wanted to know if it would be ok with you if I use one of your photos for one of my avatars.
Kindest regards and multiple hamster bounces,