I'm at home again

Hello... I'm Toto and I'm at home with Mum and Dad again... I had another respiratory arrest. Today I can breath much better and so I can go home and keep taking the medication. I have struggle ahead but now I am here... still very weak, but enjoying this bonus time with my family. My right hand hurts.. and I can't walk normally. I need to sleep and rest. I feel good now at home and I know I have to eat but I can't eat yet.

Thank  you very much for all your comments and positive wishes ! You are all the best ! They really help us.

Best regards. I hope to keep making videos of my adventures!

Life is beautiful. Live every day.




Get well soon, Toto :)

Get well soon, Toto :)

Totoni!!!!!!!! Me alegro que

Totoni!!!!!!!! Me alegro que estes mejor y el veterinario te deje estar en casita!!!!! Olee!!!!! Ahora reposo y a recuperarte 100% Besotes y Achuchones!!!!! A ti, a mum y a dad!!!

Get well soon Toto, we need

Get well soon Toto, we need you for the next concert!

Tiny Totonika.....it warms my

Tiny Totonika.....it warms my heart to know how much joy you bring to your Mum and Dad :)
And thanks to both of them, all of us get to share that joy through all these wonderful videos and post here!
You are like a little sparkling star here on Earth....and no matter what happens, your light will always shine in our hearts <3

Dear Totoni, We both send you

Dear Totoni,
We both send you all our love. You shall know, that we believe in you, because you are probably the most special hammie we ever met.
You are a fighter, Toto, so keep on fighting! You experienced so many things in your life yet - remember the times that you were lost and sitting alone in the dark. Your Mum and Dad and all your friends were always by your side and this is how its gonna be this time as well!
You saw the beach, you went out to drink coffee with your Mum, you played in the park with your Dad, you were on holidays at Oristila's and Jorge's,..
There is still so much more to discover, so be strong and fight.
Your Mum and Dad love you loads and they will take care of you in every second!

If you feel like you have to leave this world, we all will be sad. But honoured, to have met you and to have you in our hearts! Kira and Justus and so many more are waiting at the other side of the rainbow, to welcome you and love you and take care of you, whenever you decide its time to leave this world!

We love you, Toto!
Tadeus and Franziska