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my first version of Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

My mum.. told me.. you have to eat a lot to grow strong and be a very pretty girl :·)



Totonika is soooooo cute, my

Totonika is soooooo cute, my Kids love to see the videos every day again and again....greetings, Daniela,Chantal,Jannik and Cecilia <3

Just having celebrated

Just having celebrated Father's Day this last Sunday, this video of the happiness of noms reminds me of one of the warmest memories I have of my father. He passed away in 1987, when I was a sophomore in high school. My first pet was a male hammie named Peaches, and although my Dad claimed not to, rodents...when he and my Mom went for their weekly lunch outing, he would always come home with a napkin full of sprouts off his plate for Peaches. <3 <3 Happy Noms, ALWAYS, Totonika!

jajajaja como aqui diriamos

jajajaja como aqui diriamos menuda "fartona" ..vamos que se harta a zampar que bueno!!!