I have composed this short piano piece :) It's my first song I do alone without help.

This will be my first track of my upcoming album "Totonika Nova". I hope others like me, enjoy this music made for hamsters by a hamster :)

It is It is entitled Drops
Download mp3: Totonika_-_drops.mp3

I hope you enjoy it.

Photo by Álvaro Corcín

Listen to it: 

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Mind her brilliant left-hand

Mind her brilliant left-hand technique, of the German school... ;))))

Gonna put Mom out of a job,

Gonna put Mom out of a job, are you? I know, maybe you could start a band of your own and tour alongside her? The very first hamster musical?

Has hecho un buen trabajo

Has hecho un buen trabajo Toto! :P me alegra oir ese piano y gracias por poner mi foto!!! :D es un buen título, es bastante análogo!! :D muy wai :D
un abrazo!!! :D