Sleeping bag

I've been gifted this wonderful Sleeping bag. What a surprise in my mail box ! Thank you Morgaine !

It is really amazing and I am going to use it everyday :) Until I destroy it!.. or.. mmm maybe not.. maybe I don't destroy it because it is so beautiful and it has my name on it and a heart !! I will destroy some other mummy's dress or something.... :) :) :)




It´s sooooooooo cute!!! And

It´s sooooooooo cute!!! And the bag (s) from Morgaine are sooooo very very beautiful!!!!

@vemaro: thanks a lot!!! you

@vemaro: thanks a lot!!! you can see more of my bags on facebook (morgaine eire).

LMAO!!! Toto is SO spoiled .

LMAO!!! Toto is SO spoiled . . . she reminds me of a certain black-haired girl named Kiki!