Thank you Yishana for this healing letter to Totonika!

I read it to Totonika and she was really happy to see your drawing of her. She´s feeling better,  the leg is better and she just drank for herself the first time today: Thank you everyone for the healing wishes, Totonika is a fighter and we hope she gets over this. Today she´s even sort of playful even being weak.

Totonika Nova hamster healing letter


Totoni, do not give up! The Evil club (Yishana´s blog) send you lots of strength and energy!

Gather lots of strength so you can be operated and recover soon, and thus be so happy and adorable as you are always.

And to Mum and Dad a Kiss and a big hug to each one of you and chin up!

Totonika Nova the cutest hamster ever


Good morning! And it is

Good morning! And it is sunny! And it is cool! And it is great to know you are with us! If you feel hungry, thirsty and playful, and you are eating, drinking and playing, this means you are recovering, after all! You have almost made it!

Awwww what a cute letter!

Awwww what a cute letter! This is so lovely. It is great for you to know that you are loved, it makes you feel stronger and, hopefully, healthier. Lots of kisses and hugs to you and to mum and dad as well!