Photo session to promote my Mum's CD

Buy my mummy's CD !!! It's amazing!  :) I did this photo session to promote the CD. I love to pose in front of the camera :)

oh my... there are ghosts and... wow..

and fairies too !


The album is so much fun !  don't you have it already ?


I'm also getting ready for The Underliving misterious mood :)


it looks so cuuuuuuuuuuuute

it looks so cuuuuuuuuuuuute how you check out your mummy's cd!!!
do you like her music?
remember: harps, whistles, bagpipes, etc. are NO FOOD!!!!okay?
i hope you'll like my little present i sent to you (and i hope you'll get it soon).
hugs and kisses, yours morgaine

I know... It is hard for me

I know... It is hard for me not to eat mummy's new harp... it seems so tasty... I have received the present !! I have made some photos Thank you ! :)

oh now totonika has joined

oh now totonika has joined the ranks of your many collaborators who have been "mysteriously veiled" eeeeeheeeeeeeee!!! when will she finally join us officially onstage??? i think she should come flying over us on a zip line with little mini raven wings!!! :D

hehehe yes I love the

hehehe yes I love the veils... specially to try and fix them and make them less boring.. with a hole here and there you know... :) I hope I can see you one day in person and listen to you. I love your music too! :)