This is Totonika Nova's website. She was a very happy and loved hamster and here are some of her adventures. Please leave her a message on the guestbook!

Playing the keyboard for my first song

I want to record an album like Mum too.

hamster playing piano

Welcome home Totonika

See video

The first video when she arrived home... We love you so much Totonika :)

Totonika composed this song for her first video. I hope we can collaborate further and who knows maybe make an album ! heh Maybe it would be the first album released by a hamster :)

I love to hide in the instrument cases...It is very soft and warm and furry!

I wish mum would let me to sleep here. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease but It's the case of the hammered dulcimer... I'm really sad... I even like the color and it's soooo soooo soft and furry! and warm... and much bigger than the one I have...Oops! they caught me again... I guess I should not be making my nest here then!

woooooooooaaaa whaaaaaaaat happened!!??

Really... I slept a lot today !!! Why nobody woke me up ? Did I miss breakfast time?

What a mess.... !!! I dreamed partying with a lot of friends from all the world! That explains why my bed is a bit chaotic right now. 

But don't worry... I fix this in a moment

Oh wowwwwwwwwww

This seems like an abandoned delicious dates box right here in front of my house!. Is this my lucky day? I'll grab some before they see me.... hihihi


TOTONIKA´S home restaurant and tasty hamster dinners

Totonika doesn't like hamster food... so Mum needs to prepare three meals a day and she will not take it if it doesn't varies... She loves to have it arranged and presented and colorful food. Early in the morning she makes "FOO FOO FOO" sound to claim breakfast. Don't dare to ignore her... She´ll get the little dishes and will make as much noise as she can... I've never been able not to wake up when she insists!... and she does... very early! She loves to be hand fed lentils and she takes them from your hand with the greatest care. Love it cos it tickles! She only accepts food from me and Dad.

Dad... don't take me photos while I am in the bathroom!

yaaaaaaaawn... a new day...

I have just woke up and made wee wee...  because I always do it at my "toilet" and never anywhere else and still need to clean myself before I go out

I'm excited that I received a gift today !!!! I hope Dad can take me a photo with it later and I can show you...

I almost finished the tunnel

I managed to reach the plant pot again... And I was alone and already finishing the tunnel.. when suddenly... oops... They caught me again... I almost made the tunnel to the bottom this time... but I'll have to wait for another opportunity...

Will keep you updated when I discover what is at the other side of the tunnel. It's so exciting !!! Maybe there is an entry to another world!! Who knows !?

This old computer I can fix and start to work!

I've been fixing this old PC to be able to create this blog and share with all of you my day to day adventures. I still need to update lots of things with my memories too.

Mum and Dad tell me that I need to do something to earn my life because I'm already grown up. So I hope this website is going to make me famous and receive lots of gifts and nuts in the mail. Because  I love nuts... yummm!!  and I've never have enough of them.

Don't forget to sign my guestbook at least!!!

I've been gifted a TREASURE!! A pendant with my face on it!

I received this pretty box and It had a pendant with a picture of ME on it!! I So cool... I'm a famous hamster!  Mum was so happy to wear it because she says now she can carry me wherever (even when I'm lazy and I just want to sleep!). It was made by Laura and her sister from Los Tesoros de la Ayalga a store that makes really pretty things!!. I love when I get gifts and surprises. There was another pendant with my sister Kira too. I never met Kira but Mum and Dad always talk about her and that´s why I love her too.

So Dad told me to pose with the pendant and I did my best because I love modeling.

Laura from Los Tesoros de la Ayalga is coming to visit to see me soon! Looking forward to meet her!


You can get pretty things too here:

Happy Halloween!

Just  to say that Totonika can be really scary if the moment requires it hahahha!!!! And now that it's Halloween she wanted to show her more monstrous face.... even being the cutest a good actress is a good actress hahahah and the date demands something spooky and scary!


Totonika's new home

Totonika built a new home tonight... I don't know why.. but she decided to move and not sleep into the cage today. Normally she enters into the cage but now she did it just to get all her bedding and food supply and then move to her new home.

Where? Well... She created a hole in our blue fabric we have in one wall (kind of blue screen) and peacefully slept between the wall and the fabric. I guess Next step is to make a hole in the actual wall and escape to the unknown worlds. Probably she were there already when she disappeared for 3 days.

Totonika destroyed the stick

I had a nice wood stick...

This is what happens when you let a weapon of mass destruction alone with the stick for 1 minute.

and by the way... we have caught her digging in the plant pot again

Totonika super model

We had a photographic session of Totonika being a super model with crow wings. She was posing there for the professional photographers. She knows how to pose.. She loves it. :)

Totonika needs to go to the park again

Well... We have to take her to the park again one of these days... She was so happy there... and after the digging in the plant... I know she has to digg somewhere else :)


She is so funny and greedy... SHe fills her maw so much...  It's amazing how she does it. Her face changes and she seems happy because she knows with that food she will survive another day more... at least! :)

Totonika digging

I think Totonika and the plant are not very good friends now... First she tried to eat her a leaf... now She found that maybe making a big hole she could find a escape to other world or something.. She was trying hard... haha

Totonika Jedi

May the force be with you my friend :)

Red tears

Totonika appeared today with one eye covered by red substance... We've searched in internet and this is something that happens to rats. Strange... This Totonika is half rat I think haha.. That explains how clever she is :)

Maybe she is still in shock about the dog... heh.. or maybe she is allergic to pollen like me.. LOL

Hamster red tears

Update:  She is ok now... She didn't seem affected by it in any way... So we didn't worry too much... And the tears disappeared in one day and she is perfectly fine now :)

Totonika cleaning herself

Totonika and the dog

Today we went to the park with Totonika. He was all the time inside the ball.... We were afraid of letting her free in the park... She was happy and ok .. Running inside the ball until suddenly a dog came and Totonika stopped and got frozen for a minute or so... Nothing happened.. The dog was friendly and only wanted to see. But Totonika saw a huge monster coming to eat her.. heh.. Then we realized that her face was an absolute terror face. Her eyes were very opened and it seems they had like in blood around...

Now we have learned that hamsters can have a panic attack and die from heart attack ! We immediately went home after that and she is safe and perfectly fine now :D  Maybe ... could it be that they put that face to pretend they are very sick and maybe telling the dog.. if you eat me you are going to die because look at my face... I'm totally infected... or something ! Maybe!? After some minutes she returned to normal state :) 


I got a gift!! macadamia nuts!!

Mum went  and brought me a letter with a gift for me...!!  coming all the way from Germany...  woah, that makes me feel so important!! and I think I like them better than the Spanish ones because they are less salted... yummmm yummmm !!!  tasty! I think I'm going to hide them in a few secret corners... hmmm!

I love fan mail!! Please send me nuts, toys... I love gifts...!!! Bad that I don't remember when my birthday is... but already looking forward my first Christmas

Totonika is back !!!

Totonika is back and alive!!!!! She disappeared 3 days ago in a ventilation duct We could hear her trying to return but she was falling and we couldn’t do anything... tried to put ropes and cloths in the duct.. nothing... suddenly we stopped hearing her after a second big fall. We thought she broke her leg or something worse... She had to be trapped inside the facade of the building. It started to rain and very cold and noisy wind was entering from the duct. Cold.. no food .. no water... broken leg... and no more sounds from her... 2 days after.. without any signal or sound... we thought she was dead... We cried a lot and feeling very bad for not being able to rescue her.

But suddenly ... She appeared in the living room below my feet as if nothing happened! Where has she been? I don't know! How did she return? I don't know! But I already said she is the best climber in the world!!! She has scraped her face a little but she is fine :-)

I couldn’t believe my eyes so I took some pictures

I like this strawberry !!!!

Ñaammmmmm This strawberry was really good... My mummy really takes care of me.. She always has a surprise ready for me :) All I can say.. it's.. I am a very happy and lucky hamster.

Do you see the strawberry?


Now you cannot see it heah heah heah

Totonika Nova, the cutest hamster ever

Totonika Nova is my new love. :) 

She is really smart... and she loves to run in the wheel

Sh loves fresh food.. apple and broccoli are her favorites  :) 

she is adorable.