Totonika is back !!!

Totonika is back and alive!!!!! She disappeared 3 days ago in a ventilation duct We could hear her trying to return but she was falling and we couldn’t do anything... tried to put ropes and cloths in the duct.. nothing... suddenly we stopped hearing her after a second big fall. We thought she broke her leg or something worse... She had to be trapped inside the facade of the building. It started to rain and very cold and noisy wind was entering from the duct. Cold.. no food .. no water... broken leg... and no more sounds from her... 2 days after.. without any signal or sound... we thought she was dead... We cried a lot and feeling very bad for not being able to rescue her.

But suddenly ... She appeared in the living room below my feet as if nothing happened! Where has she been? I don't know! How did she return? I don't know! But I already said she is the best climber in the world!!! She has scraped her face a little but she is fine :-)

I couldn’t believe my eyes so I took some pictures