I've been gifted a TREASURE!! A pendant with my face on it!

I received this pretty box and It had a pendant with a picture of ME on it!! I So cool... I'm a famous hamster!  Mum was so happy to wear it because she says now she can carry me wherever (even when I'm lazy and I just want to sleep!). It was made by Laura and her sister from Los Tesoros de la Ayalga a store that makes really pretty things!!. I love when I get gifts and surprises. There was another pendant with my sister Kira too. I never met Kira but Mum and Dad always talk about her and that´s why I love her too.

So Dad told me to pose with the pendant and I did my best because I love modeling.

Laura from Los Tesoros de la Ayalga is coming to visit to see me soon! Looking forward to meet her!


You can get pretty things too here: