TOTONIKA´S home restaurant and tasty hamster dinners

Totonika doesn't like hamster food... so Mum needs to prepare three meals a day and she will not take it if it doesn't varies... She loves to have it arranged and presented and colorful food. Early in the morning she makes "FOO FOO FOO" sound to claim breakfast. Don't dare to ignore her... She´ll get the little dishes and will make as much noise as she can... I've never been able not to wake up when she insists!... and she does... very early! She loves to be hand fed lentils and she takes them from your hand with the greatest care. Love it cos it tickles! She only accepts food from me and Dad.


:) cuute ;) but my family's

:) cuute ;)
but my family's cats do the same, they'll go to my mum in the early morning and meow and hop on her bed until she's fed up with the continuous disturbances and goes to prepare their breakfast. ;) those 2 can be picky too, we already found out ;)
(Mirjam, Austria)

she really doesn't accept a

she really doesn't accept a no!
and if not she fights back posing cute and unhappy

Who owns who? Who runs around

Who owns who? Who runs around the house keeping after who? Sounds pretty simple to me.