This is Totonika Nova's website. She was a very happy and loved hamster and here are some of her adventures. Please leave her a message on the guestbook!

Pictures at the beach

Some pictures the other day...  I was searching for the perfect spot to make a super hole.

Hamster at the beach


There were new smells everywhere

Hamster at the beach


I'm going to see where so much water comes from. It is incredible !!! See you later friends !

Hamster at the beach

Totonika goes to the beach

See video

I was at the beach today ! yay! It was so amazing... It was like my sandbox but much much bigger !!! Really you won't believe it... I could pee anywhere !!!

And then !!! There is the infinity ! of water ! I'm still in shock !


At the park

See video

Here is the video of the other day at the park :)

Do you want your favorite t-shirt customised by Totonika?

Sure she is very artful in her fashion creations... Only one hour of her masterful skills hiding in our laundry and she can turn your old t-shirt into something really edgy... ! Thinking about offering her services

t-shirt customised by a hamster

t-shirt eaten by hamster

Totonika´s hamster life... enjoying her daily massage

Life can be so hard for a hamster...

Totonika gets a massage two to three times a day to ease the stress... and be sure she asks for it!

hamster getting a massage

Totonika at the park


Today I was at the park... so much fun !!!!

Totonika sleeping

She is totally recovered now. and very cuddly and cute :) Probably dreaming about new adventures to come.

What a hard world is out there

I was 2 days and a half out there... I escaped during the day when they think I am sleeping hihihihi.... the only exit is that ventilation duct which is quite dangerous and goes to the darkness of the unknown world. I had to come back home since I didn't find any food or water and it was cold...My back aches.. and my nose and hands are black and dirty and I smell to dust and seem like a chimney sweep. I didn't have my warm blankets and also Mum was very sad I left... So... I came back home again... :) They cleaned me a bit and gave me food :) So here I am again :)

Watching movies

I love to watch movies with Mum. She makes popcorn and I get Broccoli :·)

Hamster watching movie

Risky descent

See video

My way to go down to the floor from the table. Sometimes I can also go up ;)

and a happy neeew yeaaarrrrr

Totonika and the nuts

I found some nuts today... I couldn't choose a picture.. so I put them all. :-D

Happy birthday!

Papi y yo te queremos mucho !

Toto claus wishes you a merry christmas

My secret contacts in Santa Claus network tell me that this year we are bringing health to everyone and 2011 is going to be the best year ever!  Congratulations and Merry Christmas!

Hamster santa claus

Hamster santa claus

Hamster santa claus

Totonika plays the synthesizer for her first song

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Totonika playing the keyboard synthesizer for her new song. First a bit of rehearsing and then recording the track. Then she listens to the final result for approval. I hope you like this song part of her new upcoming hamster music album. :)

Living a happy lucky hamster's life

See video

Another video of Totonika in a normal day living a happy lucky hamster's life.

Totonika the fairy

Fairy hamster with wings

Mum made me super cool wings. Do you like them?

click the following little pics to see them bigger. I love my new wings...:)

That is all for today my friends! I love you all !


Totonika playing in the sand

See video

She loved to play in the sand since she was a baby... but now she likes more to dig in the plant pot heh

my new friend Iko

This is my new friend Iko. Sometimes he is a bit crazy but he is a good guy...  She escaped from a laboratory and who knows which experiments they did on him.. but he is recovering now and I love him :)

Totonika loves to eat "panellets" and "huesos de santo" sweets

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

I know...we shouldn't give her this.. but it was only once... she loved it so much... she couldn't stop  haha..

hamster eats halloween sweets, panellets

hamster eats halloween sweets, panellets

hamster eats halloween sweets, hueso de santo

hamster eats halloween sweets, hueso de santo

Totonika and the Giant Broccoli

See video

Some scenes of little Totonika eating to become a big big super hamster  :P

Totonika escapes from her cage

See video

Our baby hamster Totonika in her first steps out of the cage. Since then, we cannot close her door anymore.. She never liked to be enclosed. She now lives free in our house and returns to her hamster cage only to sleep.

The end of the video finishes with a dramatic jump from the table which scared us but she was not hurt. She discovered the freedom of flying.. and I think this changed her life forever heh

Totonika used to love the wheel

Totonika loved to run in her first wheel... she was a baby hamster  then... I've seen this picture of her smiling and I had to put it right now.. :)

Now she only goes to the wheel from time to time... she is getting a bit lazy... I guess she copies her dad. heh

Baby hamster smile in wheel

Who is the cutest plush toy?

Let me present you my two old buddies, the rabbit and the hedgehog.  They are with me always.. for the good and for the bad times.

My new friend, is a white mouse, and he is shy... I still don't have a picture of him. I hope we can catch him later for a picture of the group

True friends forever :)

I like to eat Internet cables

Cables have something that I like.. I don't know what it is. But this is the third time I eat it... Dad always fix it soon so .. it's not a problem.. :) I But I know it is dangerous and I won't do it again... I will try at least ;)

hamster eats cable

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