What a hard world is out there

I was 2 days and a half out there... I escaped during the day when they think I am sleeping hihihihi.... the only exit is that ventilation duct which is quite dangerous and goes to the darkness of the unknown world. I had to come back home since I didn't find any food or water and it was cold...My back aches.. and my nose and hands are black and dirty and I smell to dust and seem like a chimney sweep. I didn't have my warm blankets and also Mum was very sad I left... So... I came back home again... :) They cleaned me a bit and gave me food :) So here I am again :)


You told me you were sorry

You told me you were sorry last time and you weren't going to do it anymore! Mum was really worried. TOTOFUNCHI MALA!!

Totoni!! Tienes que avisar a

Totoni!! Tienes que avisar a papi y mami cuando te vayas a ir de expedicion :-))) eres toda una aventurera !!! Bienvenida!!!!