Toto is at the hospital

I'm sorry. This is bad news. Totonika is at the hospital now... She can't breath very well. She is under oxygen and observation and taking some medicines...Right now she is not stable enough to be back at home again... :( I hope she recovers well very soon. She is a fighter.

She does not want to die yet because we were going to see the mountains and the stars because I wanted to show her how big is the universe. So she will recover in some days.




Mummy loves you my little

Mummy loves you my little bug... mummy loves you tons... you're the best cutest most awesome hamster ever and we know

Fight Toto!!! fight and

Fight Toto!!! fight and live!!!!! go go!!!!! I wish you ge well as son as possible. Hugs and kisses!!!

Keep fighting and struggling

Keep fighting and struggling Toto! We know you are such a fighter! You are strong an you love life. I send you a lot of kisses and I really hope you get better. Lots of hugs! :******

Oh, Toto! Hang in there

Oh, Toto! Hang in there little love. We know you're a strong spirit and you have so much life and love to give us! I know you'll pull through! I'm sending you all my love little girl. Love you tons! Hugs, kisses and snuggles!

Go on walking, Toto! We never

Go on walking, Toto! We never know how long will be our pace to the Big Tree; but shorter or longer, I wish you to walk your pace with love and peace.

Get well soon Totonika. My

Get well soon Totonika.

My father was a fan of your homepage! I am a fan now too!