Totonika Nova: the cutest hamster ever, a little life so big


In memory of TOTONIKA NOVA that passed away last 5th September 2011. This is a home video with footage of her life, she was so cute, so smart and so special. The music is Totonika´s theme (she made it herself!), and a special piano version by Hector Corcin (daddy) and finally a special mix of her song  "Totonika Nova" included in the album The Underliving by Priscilla Hernandez (mummy)
Download Totonika Nova by Priscilla Hernandez:
audio/mpeg iconpriscilla_hernandez_-_the_underliving_-_16_-_totonika_nova.mp3
Download piano song by Hector Corcin: Totonika Nova (piano)
One year has passed, we have now two little critters, our rats Ritva and Tuula we call them  "fufunchis" in your honor, we always remember how you used to say "fuuu fuuu" and you were indeed the first fufunchi. Though we love them dearly we also must say  every single day we all family worship your memory, and also Kira´s. You were so beautiful and brought joy and smiles to our lives. We miss you Toto!

"Totonika Nova"

Are you here still dwelling
in the heart´s abode?
deeply embedded
in the soul
And the delightful
time we shared
left a resilient imprint
held so dear
just as the sound of little feet
can fill the hollow
when it´s all still
Such energy
words cannot convey
those moments we cherish
not to forget
a small and tiny thing is not devoid of meaning something really  big
You have broken
all your earthly bounds
to become the brightest star
Will you be our compass when
we´re lost within the dark?
the golden warmth that shone
through your sweet smile
A lantern that can light
the blackest night
Totonika´s smile
Listen to it: